LA Weekly's advertisers are being ripped off.

Ever since the LA Weekly was purchased by Semanal Media in November 2017, content quality and quantity has tanked, along with website traffic and print issue pick-up rates. Thousands of new bot accounts are following @LAWeekly on social media every day and their likes and comments comprise the majority of the paper's online traction.

Actual readers no longer trust the one-time counterculture institution, its reputation sullied by surface storytelling of the city, perpetual mismanagement and cringe-worthy ethical violations.

Advertisers deserve to know this. 

Calling the paper's advertisers is the most important thing you can do to stop the new owners from profiting off our city's authentic culture. Let them know that their dollars are being wasted and that readers are boycotting businesses that still advertise.


Here's who to call:

Every week, the #BoycottLAWeekly team will be updating the Google Doc below with advertisers from the latest print edition. If everyone makes a few calls a day and encourages them not to fund the new LA Weekly owners, the paper won't be able to sustain itself as a shell of its former self much longer.

Priority right now is on vendors and sponsors of The Essentials food event at the top of the list below, but scroll down to find current print and online advertisers to call.

Here's what to say:

NOTE: Be polite; try to keep the call brief; don’t accuse the business of supporting the new LA Weekly owners, as you’ll probably be the first to inform them of what’s going on. If you’re calling a general line at the business, ask for ad sales or a similar department.

“Hi, my name is [YOUR NAME] and I live in [YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD]. I’m a longtime patron of [BUSINESS NAME]. I’m calling regarding your advertising with the LA Weekly. If you’re not aware, late last year the LA Weekly was purchased by a group of real estate developers and conservative pundits from Orange County who fired the entire editorial staff and are trying to co-opt the authenticity of the paper for their own lackluster content. I’m participating in a growing boycott of all the businesses that continue to run print ads in the Weekly, and I’d encourage you to pull your ads from them.”

If they request more information, recommend any of the articles on this page or tell them to the #BoycottLAWeekly hashtag on Twitter.

What's most important is that you tell these advertisers to read the paper and see how inane and worthless it's become. Tell them to look at comments on social media as well and remind them they’ll likely be receiving less for their money:

“Since the new owners took over, they haven’t hired any new editorial staff, have been neglecting their social media channels, and haven’t announced any concrete plans for moving forward, except for the fact they hope to not pay their contributing writers. In addition to this advertising boycott, the Weekly’s presence online and circulation in print has started to decay.”


Shut Down "The Essentials"

LA Weekly is attempting to leverage the work of fired employees to curate and promote its premiere food event. It's imperative that we let vendors and sponsors know what's happening.

Donate to the campaign

Every dollar donated to our Go Fund Me goes directly back into paying for website hosting, flyer printing, casket rental and more #BoycottLAWeekly promotional efforts.